May 19, 2015

Product Review: Toothy Tabs

In my quest to try and go liquid-free on my next trip (which actually happened by the time you read this, but didn’t at the time I wrote it… time machine?), I decided to try solid toothpaste from Lush, which they call “Toothy Tabs”.  I bought the “dirty tabs” which are minty and the Sparkle tabs which are lemon, grapefruit and pepper.  This review will just be on the Dirty ones since that’s all I’ve tried so far.  (To be honest, I was scared to try it but needed to see if they’d work for the trip so I watched a youtube demo and finally decided to go for it – months after I ordered them!)

Each box comes with 40 tabs and you only need 1 for each time you brush your teeth so they can last you 20-40 days depending on if you brush your teeth day and night or not. I probably won’t use them regularly, but only for trips so they should last me a few trips!

All you need to do is take one of the tabs, nibble it in your front teeth to break it apart, and start brushing your teeth like normal.  I use an electric toothbrush and had no problem using it with the tab – just make sure you’re leaning over the sink because there is a LOT of foam produced. (Sorry I opted to not take a photo of me foaming at the mouth mid-brush)

The tabs smelled VERY strongly of spearmint – in fact I could smell it in other rooms when the tabs first arrived at the house and was going crazy trying to figure out where the “gum” was hiding – but I didn’t get that strong of a taste of it. It tasted pretty neutral. But I found the end product to be a mouth that felt fresh and teeth that felt clean (if I ran my tongue over my teeth nothing was bumpy – which my dentist tells me is a sign of clean teeth!)

I will have to suck it up and try the other flavor at some point (perhaps to see how it combats morning breath as I tried the dirty tab as a brush before bed) but these will be making the trip to Tulsa with me. (Made the trip to Tulsa with me?)

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