May 12, 2015

Try It Tuesday: Silhouette Cameo “Nesting”

For this week’s Try It Tuesday I decided to try the “nesting” feature in the Silhouette Cameo Studio software.  This is helpful if you are trying to cut out a lot of things at once and have things of the same color and you want to best get them to fit on a page so that you’re not wasting a lot of paper.  You will need to have just the one color on the page though or this won’t work, so if you are someone who has other colors off of the cutting mat you’ll need to change how you do things in order to use this feature.  The “nesting” button is the one that looks like an N in between Replicate and Modify on the task bar at the top of the program.   Click “Use Cut Area” so that it will fit them in on your page and pick how many rotations and how much padding you want. The less of the padding, the less space there will be between everything but I found that sometimes that leads to things shifting around when cutting.

You can see below I was working on a calendar page (shamrock), some banner titles for a setlist I am working on and a palm tree top.  One photo shows how I couldn’t get them to fit and then the other shows what the nesting tool did. I will say that things did go a little crazy (I am convinced my cameo doesn’t like the color green as I always have trouble with that color for some reason) and all the pieces on top of each other in the bottom left didn’t cut properly because things were shifting around so I did have to cut a few things out a second time.  Next time I’ll be more mindful of the padding and consider doing 2 pages worth of cuts (since that is what ended up happening anyway!)

Everything but the shamrock you should be seeing in action on some future scrapbook saturday posts!

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