Throwback Thursday: Hanson July 19, 2004


Headliner: Hanson
Opener(s): Ingram Hill, Ben Jelen
Cost: $35.53


You Never Know
Dancing In The Wind
Thinking Of You
Minute Without You
Lost Without Each Other
Love Me
Being Me
Love Song
Penny and Me
Where’s The Love
Gimme Some Lovin
Wish That I Was There
If Only
Look at You
In The City

This Time Around

Recap: This show was on my 20th birthday! I actually had a sign that said that and Taylor mouthed “Happy Birthday” to me in the middle of Where’s The Love. ¬†Which then led him to messing it up and singing the same verse twice. I got a kick out of it when I got home to see a post on asking if anyone else had noticed that he messed up the lyrics. ¬†Woops, I guess that was my fault? No cameras were allowed inside at this venue so I only have a few photos from afterwards when we met Frankie Muniz. He didn’t seem to believe it was my birthday lol

Where Are They Now:

Ingram Hill’s lead singer Justin seems to be solo and on tour
Ben is in a new group and I think I already went into him in depth on another Thursday. (I’ve seen him a lot)


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