I love making all sorts of photo collages with my concert pictures or for other special events.  Usually I have to use a website online in order to get this done and then you run the risk of the sites not being available the next time you want to make one.  Well, now I have Artensoft Photo Collage Maker on my computer so I can make collages whenever I want!

First you select your base image and then select all the photos you want to be within the collage.  I chose to use Hanson bowing from the recent Eat To The Beat concerts in Disney World and then make the collage up of several photos that I took during the shows.  I tried to upload all 700 that I had taken, but it only ended up using about 300.  Because I was using so many and decided to have 1,000 squares in my collage – this took a lot of time.  In fact it took a period of several days since I am not always available to be working on my PC.  Then the first time I tried to save the collage it glitched and had some sort of bug and couldn’t be saved so I had to start all over again!

Once it finally ended up working out, I was pleased with the result and have been having a lot of fun looking at the finished image to see all the smaller photos it is made up of and having fun reliving the experience!

I also made this quick how-to video if you’d like to see how it works before buying!

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