Can We Dance
Somebody To You
Last Night
Oh Cecelia (Breaking My Heart)
Girls On TV
Risk It All
Wild Heart
Another World
Move My Way
She Was The One

I was first introduced to The Vamps when they posted a cover of Hanson’s MMMBop – which of course caught my attention.  Their debut album – Meet the Vamps – was released in the US late last year.  The first song on the album, Can We Dance, I’ve heard a lot when watching Disney Channel.  It was nice to listen to a new album but feel welcomed with a song that I was already somewhat familiar with.  Overall this is a pretty solid debut and I enjoy it. I think I’ll be listening to it a lot more in the future and hope they will  tour the US soon so I can see them live!

I listened to this album on Spotify in order  to write this review.

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