cultcrimeCult Crime Movies boasts that you will Discover the 35 Best Dark, Dangerous, Thrilling, and Noir Cinema Classics.  Since I am not much of a movie watcher, I am always interested in seeing just how many from these book lists I have seen.  From the 35 featured in this book, I have seen a whopping 0!  I am not all that surprised. But since reading the book, I have added quite a few to the list of movies that I should check out sometime.

The author chooses to define “cult movies” for this book the be films that elicit a fiery passion in moviegoers long after their initial releases; that have been taken to heart as if they were abandoned orphans in a hostile world, cherished, protected, and enthusiastically championed by segments of movie audience; that are integral parts of people’s lives.

Each movie is broken down by the year of release, information about the director, screenplay, if it was based on a novel, cinematography, music, editor, running time and if it is in color or black and white.  Also mentioned for each movie is the cast and then a synopsis on each of the movies.

If you are interested in Crime movies and are looking to see if you’ve seen these Cult films – this is the book for you.

I received a free e-copy in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.