The Sparkle Factory is about Tarina Tarantino and her creations in jewelry and accessories and how she got into it and how she gets creative.  The book is full of lots of wonderful photos of her jewelry in addition to her story, which were very distracting when I was trying to read because they are all just so fascinating!  She gives some insight on starting her own business and how 9/11 made her need to downsize but how she continued to follow her dream despite the setback. (For her and so many others.)

Even if you are not into jewelry and accessories, this is an interesting story about following your dreams, finding your creativity and starting your own successful business that would be a great read for anyone looking to do those things, I am always curious to see how others find their creative inspiration – whether it be making jewelry, writing music or in my case – scrapbooking. (Or coming out with a website layout.)  Ultimately I think that it all comes from the same place it’s just a matter of figuring out where to find it and how to use it to your full advantage when it strikes.

However if you are into jewelry – this book will be even more perfect for you as she talks a lot about tools, workspace, choosing the right materials, etc. that I am sure will be very helpful to any who wish to follow in Tarina’s footsteps. There are chapters on necklaces, earrings, etc and she makes such cute and colorful things!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Tarina Tarantino’s love affair with fashion jewelry and accessories began when she was just a little girl. Tarina now owns and operates her famous global jewelry, accessories, and cosmetics brand, TARINA TARANTINO, out of her international headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, The Sparkle Factory. In her first book, Tarina invites you into her world to learn how to make and wear beautiful and inspirational fashion jewelry. Fashionistas, aspiring jewelry designers, and DIY lovers will learn how to make 20 of Tarina’s most essential pieces including statement earrings, cocktail rings, hair jewelry, stretch cuff bracelets, embellished spectacles, and more. Fans of Tarina will also learn about her brand history, getting inspired, creating themes and stories, sourcing materials, essential tools and techniques, how to wear and style your jewelry wardrobe, and more. The text is complemented by tips and hundreds of full-color photos throughout.

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