I love hair extensions. They are quick and easy to add to your hair and can spruce up any outfit and you’ll look great for a night out.  But best of all, they’re not permanent, so you can put them in after you leave work and not have to worry about any sort of dress code issues you may be violating coming in to work looking like a rock star. (But everyone should END their night looking like a rock star). http://finefeatherheads.com has a great selection of different feathers available as well as some other great hair accessories too.  They are available in some awesome colors and so, so easy to put in your hair (check out their website for tips and tricks to “installing” them in your hair!)   You can get vibrant colors like blues and reds to contrast with your color, or there are more natural colors that would totally blend in with my dark brown hair, but at the same time give me a different look than my usual (boring) one.  Even if feathers aren’t your think, the website also has some hair chalk (I am really wanting to try this out sometime soon!) and some hair ties as well.  So if you are looking for a way to kick your look up a notch – look no further than http://finefeatherheads.com 🙂

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