The Black Suitcase is about a little boy named Eddie and his Dad.  Eddie’s Dad is a lot of fun when he is home and he and Eddie do all sorts of great things together.  But when he sees the Black Suitcase, he knows that means his Dad is leaving him!

Eddie decides to hide the suitcase and tell his Dad that he doesn’t want him to leave.  Eddie’s Dad explains to him that if he wants his house, tours and food, Dad has to go away to work and help people.

Dad then explains responsibility to Eddie and tries to make his leaving fun by teaching Eddie where they will be going on the map. Eddie learns about states and countries.  Then he and his Dad draw each other pictured.  Eddie hides his somewhere in his Dad’s suitcase and Dad hides his in Eddie’s room.  They will find them later!

The book is a sweet story explaining to a child while some parents have to leave on business trips (and why some leave when other Dad’s don’t!)  The illustrations are phenomenal and it is a great lesson for a kid whose parents may travel or maybe who has a friend whose parents travel.

I received a free e-copy of this book from NetGalley in order to write this review.  I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Meet Eddie — a perceptive, animated, big-blue-eyed little boy whose Dad doesn’t realize the impact his business traveling has on his son. From the moment The Black Suitcase appears, both father and son learn the importance of staying connected, even when they have to be apart. Along the way, Eddie learns about responsibility — and geography — while Dad grows to understand the values of communication.

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