My Hanson ticket collection is in the Top 10 in Stub Hub’s “Ultimate Fan Collection” contest and I would love, love, love if you could vote for me!  All you need to do is “Like” stub hub on Facebook and then go to the “Ultimate Fan” contest link.  (You may have to hit the dropdown all the way over to the right to see it in the options).  Then find me – Katie! with the Hanson tickets and click “My Vote”  you can vote once per day until March 31.

If you’d prefer a direct link right to the contest – here it is:

This will probably be the only time I post about it on the blog, though I will probably do reminders on Facebook and Twitter every few days. (I want votes but I’m trying not to be obnoxious about it!)

The prize is $500 to StubHub which obviously would allow me to review a few more concerts here that I otherwise may not have gone to.

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