Back to steal the spotlight, fresh-faced pop/rock singer and songwriterSonali is set to release her brand new single “Nothing Left,” available now on iTunes. As a follow-up to her debut EP “Speechless,” the single is a testament to Sonali’s star quality. With still so much to offer, this radiant performer is wowing crowds and rocking stages to show the world what she’s really made of.

Hailing from South Florida, Sonali grew up around music and always knew that was where her heart laid. Humming before she could speak, Sonali was so inspired by music that she began to pen her own songs before she could even write. The young rocker’s family is a major support system and is constantly encouraging her to develop her natural skills. Multi-talented beyond expectations, Sonali displays effortless expertise on the guitar, keyboard, drums and bass. In addition to singing and writing, the Florida native is dedicated to expanding her knowledge in her field and has attended multiple music programs including one at the prestigious New York University, where she is currently enrolled in the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music Program at Tisch School of the Arts. Between studying and recording, Sonali adds philanthropist to her list of occupations and is donating 100% of the proceeds from Speechless to Smile Train, a charity committed to providing free cleft surgery to poor children in developing countries.

Equipped with a big heart and wisdom beyond her chronological age, the shining singer evokes honesty in her lyrics and emotion in her voice that separates her music from the average pop tune. Written by the singer, “Nothing Left” truly speaks to Sonali’s evolution as a writer and maturity. “Since I have drawn influences from contemporary pop, rock, and R&B, ‘Nothing Left’ really

displays my versatility as an artist. Although it appears otherwise at a first glance, it is actually not just another cliché break-up song, but actually one of lost friendship. I can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say about it,” Sonali expressed. 

Produced by Adam Piccoli and David Adams and mixed by Derek Olds, the song tells a story that almost anyone who has been in a relationship can relate to; regretting dating the last ex, freeing yourself from a bad relationship and discovering inner strength. The singer’s sparkling voice soars over major piano chords, infectious guitar licks and enticing drum beats. Sonali’s fingerprints are all over this track being that she wrote, sang lead and background and played the lead guitar on it. This is also the first time she’s recorded her chops on the keyboard.

With a knack for bouncy melodies and lyrics that hit home, Sonali is getting closer to stardom with each song. Rapidly growing as a performer while stunning crowds with her charm, fans of her upbeat and edgy style are sure to stay on this train. For more information on Sonali, please


I’m really digging Sonali’s song “Nothing Left”, it’s pretty catch!  What do you think?

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