The Voice started out with a heart breaking version of Hallelujiah where all the coaches and contestants sang holding one of the victims names from the Newtown shooting.  I don’t think it really hit just how many 27 is, until we saw them all standing there with the names.

Nicholas – Great Balls of Fire  / Let Me Stand Next To Your FIre – Great way to kick off the show! Great to see him play the piano for a little bit and then get up and dance and command the stage.  Love him.

Cassadee – Over You – Cassadee with a repeat of Miranda’s Over You.  She’s ok but has yet to grow on me.  Unfortunately, her large fan base she had before the show disagrees with me and she just may win the thing. (let’s hope not)

Terry & Blake – Dude Looks Like a Lady – I didn’t even recognize that Adam was the “familiar face on the guitar” for a little bit when he first came out! Fortunately I recognized some of the tattoos!  That was a lot of fun!

Nicholas – Lean On Me – My mom prefers this Nicholas to his first song.

Terry – Broken Wings – Seemed like there were problems in the beginning of the song, but he powered through it like a champ.

Cassadee & Blake – Steve McQueen – not a fan.

Terry – I Want To Know What Love Is – I didnt like it this time as much as I did the first time he sang it.  Blake thinks the opposite. LOL

Nicholas & CeeLo – Play That Funky Music – This is perfect.  Wait I spoke too soon! Little Cee Lo!!! More than perfect.

Cassadee – Cry – more country. yay. /sarcasm


Honestly as long as Cassadee doesn’t win, I’ll call it a win.  Though I’d prefer Nicholas over Terry.


There seems to be some backlash among Cassadee fans and those of us who don’t think she should win just because she has a fan base.  Well, I don’t think she shouldn’t win SIMPLY because she already has a fan base.  I don’t think she should win because in my opinion, the other 2 have a better voice.  The other 2 contestants I am more likely to listen to after the show ends than her.  It is unfortunate that it is not an even playing field for Terry and Nicholas.  I do hope I am wrong and she doesn’t win… but based on tweets and likes on statuses and the like… her numbers are leaps and bounds ahead of the other two.

I really dont think that the finale needed to be an hour with the performances of past contestants without the finalists. I honestly didnt even remember 90% of the past contestants.  I liked the groups with the finalists though, that was a nice touch.

In theory, the finale could have been 5 minutes… an hour would have been fine.  2 is a bit much.

(ps maybe im biased but did Cassadee sing with WAY more people than Terry or Nicholas? I wish I kept track to go back and figure it out without just relying on my memory…)

In 3rd place – Nicholas

Now we know Blake repeats his win, regardless of who wins.

And, surprise, surprise! Cassadee wins.


I’d like the last 3 years of my life back that I spent watching the show this season…

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