XFactor opened up with all the finalists singing “You Are Not Alone” by Michael Jackson dressed all in white to honor the victims of the Newtown shooting.  Very well done.

Carly Rose – Feeling Good – Such a difference hearing this now versus her audition so many months ago!

Tate – Anything Goes – I really have trouble finding things to say about his performances because they are just not my thing in the slightest.

Fifth Harmony – Anything Can Happen – I cant help but laugh about how they  are probably going to come in 3rd and then be the new one direction. I did like this performance a lot though – hey, maybe they can come in 2nd? Anything can happen.

Carly Rose – How Do I Live – I think that LeAnn was supposed to be surprise, but Carly tweeted about it and they were going back and forth so that kind of gave it away.  I also kind of wonder if she sang it extra horribly to make Carly sound that much better because I don’t know WTF she was doing…

Tate – Pontoon – Little Big Town joined Tate for this performance.

Fifth Harmony – Give Your Heart a Break – Surprise surprise, Demi is the guest performer with them. (The cut to her before the commercial break totally gave it away)   I liked their first performance better.  I’m not really sure I liked any of these “duets” or whatever you want to call them.

Carly Rose – Hallelujah – I really think this song is so completely played out, especially in singing competitions – but Carly did a great job.  Just kind of wish she sang something else.

Tate – Tomorrow – All I know is. If he wins. I will cry. (And not in a good way)

Fifth Harmony – Let It Be – Another great performance from fifth harmony.


I really would LOVE for it to be – Carly Rose #1, Fifth Harmony #2, Tate #3.  Except people seem to like Tate and I just don’t hear it!

The entrance of the top 3 seemed a bit weird. I don’t know if they did that last season because I stopped watching after Rachel got kicked off.  It also seemed like they didn’t do a dress rehearsal since one of the Fifth Harmony girls was walking, singing and tugging her skirt down lower!

Each of the final 3 did a Christmas song… and we got to see some cute clips of the judges.

Then we found out who came in 3rd – Fifth Harmony! (So they truly are the female One Direction!)  Apparently people are getting annoyed (already!) with the comparisons – but um, they are there, aren’t they?  Put together for the show. Come in 3rd.  We’ll see how the success compares after the show.

Then we got performances from 2 artists that I totally played out earlier this month on my road trip – Pitbull and One Direction!

Our top 2… Carly and Tate sang “The Climb” together…

and I wondered if the show would ever end.

ANDDDD I wasted another season on this show! Tate wins!

Hopefully Carly will go on to have an AMAZING career.  She deserves it!

(And I think I am done with The Voice and XFactor. Imma stick with Idol. Those are my people.)


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