Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kia Rio for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Kia Rio is having an awesome scavenger hunt – teams of best friends have to “Zip and Dash” around Los Angeles while participating in it – I wish it was me! I love scavenger hunts and actually participated in one a few years ago to meet one of my favorite SuperStars – Mets Third Baseman David Wright . For the Kia Rio Scavenger hunt, these best friends will be running around LA in an effort to solve clues and find none other than musician and The Voice correspondant Christina Millian!  The Kia Rio will be helping get them to their destination!

Check out this video:



The contestants will be hitting up 5 locations:

The Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round – to solve trivia while riding the merry go round for their next clue! They got led to a Kia Rio and had to put the car in reverse to use the rear camera display to get their next clue. Rear camera display is a great feature of the Kia Rio! It makes it easy to see if anything is going to be in your way when you are backing up – this is definitely a blind spot on most other cars.)

Amoeba Records – to find a hidden Christina Millian CD. After they find it they use the USB jack (love this!) in the Rio for their next clue  – heading to Rodeo Drive to count Palm Trees!

Rodeo Drive – Using the BlueTooth capabilities of the Kia Rio, they call a number based off the number of palm trees that they found. Once they call the number they are told to drive to the most famous hot dog stand in the world (I am sure that the Kia Rio navigation came in handy for this!)

Pink’s Hot Dogs – After eating a hot dog and clearing their plates, the team find a QR code and a clue from Christina! They check in their Kia Rio’s trunk for the next clue.  With each team having won 2 challenges – who will make it to the penthouse first?

The Roosevelt Hotel – One of the more well known hotels in Hollywood it is home to a ton of history and some really great parties as well.  It seems both teams had no problem using their navigation to get there.

Well that was a ton of fun to watch – and hey Kia! If you ever need someone for your next scavenger hunt – you know who to call! (Me!) I’d love to check out one of these Rios, they have such amazing features on them that I’m sure I’d love!

I have to say that I think that my favorite feature on the Kia Rio has to be the rear camera display.  Backing out of my driveway I never know if the neighbors car is going to end up parked closer than usual or if one of the neighborhood kids is going to scoot by at the last second on his bike or scooter – the rear camera display would definitely be helpful with figuring this out!  The USB jack is also pretty cool as well – I love techy things 🙂

Find out more about UVO Technology and the Kia Rio at the Rio Explorer Page.

After you’ve checked out the video – let me know your thoughts! Would you take on the challenge to meet your favorite Hollywood Celebrity? Who would you want to meet?  Instead of Los Angeles, where would you want to Zip and Dash?

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AT&T is a rip off, but I now have a droid

For the past couple of months I have been absolutely fed up with my blackberry.  No one develops apps for it any more, and it is always going ridiculously slow and I’m always getting their equivalent of the hour glass of things loading.

I counted down the days to April 15th, when I would be eligible for a new phone upgrade. (Once every 2 years with AT&T).  I saw a new android phone was coming out, HTC One X and I decided that was the one I wanted.

I pre-ordered it through AT&T – it was $299.99 with a $100 “instant” rebate.  Of course, to me instant means the $100 comes off at the time of purchase but to AT&T this means that you fill out a form a week or so after the phone arrives and then mail it in to get the $100. (How is that “instant”? That is a mail in rebate, you’re not fooling anyone AT&T)

I ended up seeing that it was $149 through Amazon Wireless – $50 cheaper than AT&T (after the rebate) and no hassle of dealing with this mail in rebate.  I called AT&T and was able to cancel the phone order since it was a pre-order and then I went and ordered it on Amazon.

Fast forward – the phone came the day before I was going to be leaving for Tulsa.  I needed a case.  I pre-ordered one on Amazon but they had no idea when it would be coming.  So I stopped at the AT&T store.  Apparently you now need to “sign in” when you arrive and get put on a list and then you wait for someone to be available.  I picked up a hard case for the back of the phone for $30 and picked up a screen protector.  I didn’t see a price on it.  My total came to $60.  The screen protector was also $30.


(Fortunately the screen protector has a lifetime warranty so if anything happens to it, I can replace it at no cost but shipping)

Of course I was in a bind and didn’t want to travel to Tulsa with the phone completely caseless.  And now I canceled the order with Amazon because even though I liked that case more (and it was only $15) now that I am in $60 with these AT&T cases they will be sticking around until I completely break them.

The kicker was that Amazon sent a car charger FOR FREE with my order.  When I made my purchase at the AT&T store I got asked if I wanted to BUY a charger in addition to the ridiculous amount I was spending on a case.

So to make a long story short, AT&T is a big fat rip off and now I am locked in with them for another 2 years since upgrading extended my contract with them! Awesome! (And Amazon rules)

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