Book Review: Fearless

Adam Brown has always been fearless.  Eric Blehm’s book recounts Adam’s life growing up – where he was constantly challenging himself and doing crazy things.  Jumping in trees, jumping from cars into the water in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  But beyond that – Adam Brown had a good heart.  He was polite, never put himself first and appeared to be an all around great guy from the stories told by his friends in family in Fearless.

But then he lost his way. He got on the wrong path, got mixed up with drugs and the wrong people.  He struggled to get clean.  The motivation he needed to stay clean was joining the Navy SEALs.  He tried hard to do his best in all the training and ended up being a member of SEAL TEAM SIX, the team that would eventually go on to bring down Osama bin Laden.

Adam seemed to help everyone around him, whether he knew it or not. His faith helped others become religious. His kind acts showed others how to care.  In 2010 he ended up losing his life in combat.  His team did everything they could to save him and they knew that losing him was losing a big part of themselves. They went on to avenge his death – they went on to get Osama bin Laden.

Although Adam had several injuries that would lead some people to quit, it all just led him to push himself that much harder.  Adam’s story is a truly inspiring one.  (Although I wouldn’t recommend reading the end of the book at work like I did.  You might get odd looks from coworkers when you start crying. Even though you know what is coming.) Although Adam would never admit it – he truly was a hero.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

Sneak peak at Chapter 1:


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