Ah… the finale of the voice.  4 hours of TV and less than 30 minutes of actual content. But I loved every minute of it. Well, maybe.  Towards the end I was just getting a bit angry. And during the beginning of the Tuesday night show too.  The show now makes me rage now. Too much drama!

Monday performances:

Jermaine – I Believe I Can Fly – Jermaine is really good and I think that he is definitely up there to be in the top 2…

Juliet – Crazy – Missed half of this performance because I was out and came in in the middle of it… (then got kicked out of the TV room when tried to watch it back from the recording lol) but it was a solid performance from Juliet from what I heard

Chris & Christina – The Prayer – I wasn’t sure if Christina was going to try and out sing him in this, but it seemed like a decent match.

Tony – 99 Problems – Definitely an interesting twist on a song and of course I loved it. Way to go Tony!  (And eff you Christina. I love you but really… I don’t get it)

Chris – The Voice Within – Well, his coach completely ruined this for me. Gosh Christina. I’m sorry Tony didn’t want to date you TWENTY YEARS AGO (or whatever it is that is bugging your ass)

Juliet and CeeLo – Born To Be Wild – Really great song choice for the both of them!

Tony and Adam – Yesterday – I just love these two.

Jermaine – God Gave Me You – Great performance by Jermaine. (And I love Dave Barnes who wrote this song)

Chris – You Raise Me Up – Eh. I’m growing less and less tolerant of him as the night goes on, unfortunately due to his coach. I should keep the two separate but it’s getting to the point I can’t anymore.

Blake and Jermaine – Soul Man – I wasnt sure what these two were going to do together, but I think this worked out really, really well for the two of them and was a lot of fun!

Tony – Harder To Breathe – Oops. I dont really know the words to this one either and it is fast paced. He probably should have picked something different from the M5 catalog…

Juliet – Free Bird – Another interesting song choice from Juliet. I like her, but I think she is a bit too shouty/screachy at times to be ‘the voice’ (and im wicked biased because a guy Ive had a crush on for 20something years is in the competition, so ya know)


My predictions on winning:

Tony – Winner
Jermaine – 2nd
Juliet – Runner up
Chris – Runner Up

I Want You Back with Jermaine, Pip, Jamar and James was great. My mom wants them to form their own group and said “they can be a boyband!”  Eh, maybe. I guess if Jermaine doesn’t win then he can always fall back on that.

Chris, Lindsay and Katrina was a bit of a bust for me. Chris seems too shouty when he is singing non-opera songs.

Juliet Jamar Erin and RaeLyn – This group really sounded great together too! Although I think Jamar got louder cheers than Juliet!

Tony & Jordis – Awesome performance from Tony and Jordis. Now can we find out who wins? No.. another half an hour to go?

Well, I had 4th place right… but everything else was screwed up.  I’m totally cool with Jermaine winning though – if it couldn’t be Tony I’d have wanted it to be Jermaine.


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