Tyrone Wells Fairfield Theater

Finally, Sunday night it was time to see Tyrone Wells!  I bought a ticket to this show when he first posted his dates and I think it was originally suppose to be April 29.  Then it got moved to April 28 and then it got moved to May 6 and at first I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it or not because Hanson hadn’t yet released the details for their members only event. But in the end, everything worked out all right.

The opening act was Joe Brooks, who apparently almost everyone in the audience was there to see. I overheard some of the theater workers saying they thought that a lot of people might leave after his set.  I knew nothing about him going in to the show, did a quick google search on him on my phone before his set, and by the time he was done I was in love.  I didn’t keep track of his setlist but a lot of people were recording the show so maybe I can piece something together from youtube at a later date.  You can find out more about joe at his website – http://www.joebrooks.com

I had been listening to Tyrone’s CD non stop for a couple of days before the show and was beyond ready to see a set from him again (previously I had not seen him since the Rock Boat in 09).  He told some great stories during his set and had a lot of great things to say.  He talked about how women have a lot to deal with because of magazines and the medias portryal of them and if there is a guy that doesn’t like you for who you are then he isn’t the guy for you.  He also talked about how he saw a statistic that if you have a car and a roof over your head you are in the top 3% of weath in the world (or something like that.)  He teased about how a lot of people don’t  realize that he is white because his name is Tyrone and how his parents didn’t seem to realize they were white based on the names of him and his sisters.  Although I think my favorite story was about a guy named Sam.  I think I heard him tell this story once before – but he was playing at a swap meet and he heard a girl on her phone saying that “Some Guy” was performing Sea Breeze.  Apparently Sam had told the girl he liked that he had written it for her and Tyrone had to convince this girl that it was indeed his song and not Sam’s.  Finally she believed him and then mentioned another song asking if it was his too. He had said no, because the title didn’t match any of his songs. But when she sang a couple of lines, he realized that too was his song and this Sam character was playing Tyrone’s songs and trying to pass them off as his own!

Tyrone also can yodel and treated us to a song with yodeling. I’ll try to post video of it soon!  He also did a medley of covers – Straight Up, Everybody Dance Now and Beat It. He mocked us all for only being really enthusiastic on the BEAT IT! BEAT IT! and not knowing the rest of the chorus.  (Guilty as charged lol)

Tyrone has a great voice and was very entertaining and I definitely recommend that you check him out if he is coming to your town on his tour!  If not, pick up his new album, Where We Meet which is available now! (And I will be reviewing it on the site in the next couple of months as I try to figure out the best way to start incorporating CD Reviews)

Running Around
Run Away With Me / No Woman No Cry
Where We Meet
Sink or Swim
Give Me One Reason (w/ Joe Brooks)
Yodel Song
Carolina Blues
You Still Love Me
Baby Dont You Change
I Can’t Save You Now
Straight Up / Everybody Dance Now / Beat It
Wondering Where You Are

Book Review: Dreaming of the Dead

 Dreaming of the dead is written by Marilou Trask-Curtin and talks about the real life experiences that she has had with the dead.  When she was four she had a near death experience and since then she has been able to communite with those who have passed.

She grew up being raised by her grandparents, who both passed away within 4 months of each other when she was just 18 years old.  Her grandmother went first and came back to tell her that she missed her grandfather terribly.  He died 4 months later.  He returned to let her know where his safe deposit box was hidden while she and her boyfriend Butch were looking around the house for it to bring it to the bank.

Butch also came to her in a dream to let her know that he had died. Some months later a relative asked her if she knew about Butch and when she replied that he died, the relative was shocked. 

Some of the stories seem a bit far fetched – but are interesting all the same – embellished or not.  While at Gillette’s castle (in Connecticut!) she decided to write a biography on William Gillette and he visited her in her dreams several times to give her permission to write it and check on her progress.  Also while she was in Connecticut she had dreams of Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe (all of which have homes / museums here in Connecticut, though I’ve yet to visit either).

I too am sometimes “connected” with those who have passed in my dreams – mainly just my maternal grandparents though, never anyone else.  They tend to pop up in other dreams though, for Marilou it seems like there are special dreams from these people just for her.  Mine are more like interruptions, they pop up out of nowhere to tell me something. Sometimes what they tell me makes sense, othertimes I am baffled.

Although I did once have a visitor in my room, though the fact that I could only see their back has led to much speculation over whether it was my uncle or great grandfather (who died in the bed that I was sleeping in at the time.)  The figure seemed to be young which led us all to believe that it was my uncle who was killed in vietnam, but Marilou writes that some of her dreams included her grandfather and British actor Jeremy Brett looking much younger than they were when they had passed.  So I guess I’ll never know who it was, unless they decide to come by again and let me see their face!

I found this book to be incredibly interesting and for once it was a book with “ghosts” that didn’t really freak me out! (I even read chapter 1 while in bed trying to fall asleep!)   Although now the urge to check out Mark Twain’s house has gotten even stronger – and maybe we’ll have to check out Harriett Beecher Stowe’s home and Gillette castle as well!

I received a free e-copy of this book through NetGalley from Llewellyn Worldwide.  I was not asked to write a positive review and all opinions are 100% mine.

About the Book

Ever since a near-death experience when she was four, Marilou Trask-Curtin has been able to communicate with spirits, primarily in unusually vivid and realistic dreams. Over the years she has seen many spirits, and has communicated with her first love, her beloved grandfather, and even British actor Jeremy Brett, with whom she’d grown close through years of correspondence. The spirits come to offer advice, reassurance, or to let her know they have died or are about to-this includes her companion animals who return to show they’re as full of health and joy as their human counterparts in spirit. The author also tells of dream visits from historical “mentor” figures such as Samuel L. Clemens and Harriet Beecher Stowe, as well as many others. Dreaming of the Dead offers readers an incredibly compelling journey to the world that awaits us all on the other side of life’s doorway.

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