Book Review: Hollyweird

Hollyweird is a young adult novel by Terri Clark.  It starts out innocent enough, Aly wins a contest to meet Hollywood Heartthrob Dakota Danvers and fly out to Hollywood from her home in Colorado.  She takes her best friend Des with her and her sister Missy, freshly 21 years old, comes along as their guardian.

Once they arrive in Hollywood they are greeted by a driver as well as Jameson, one of the people who works for Dakota.  At a photo shoot, Aly has a moment where she thinks that Dakota’s eyes are glowing and red.  She shakes it off as nerves, but later on Desi sees the SAME thing when she goes to Dakota’s make up trailer to retrieve sunglasses she had left behind.

Jameson reveals to the girls that Dakota is a devil – and not just any devil – Satan’s son!  The girls end up pressing Jameson to find out what HE is and it turns out that he is a fallen angel.  They find out that Hollywood, or Hollyweird, rather, is full of paranormal beings.

The girls and Jameson must then go on a mission to stop Dakota from doing some pretty bad things. (I’ll leave the details to THAT for you to find out by reading the book)

The book is young adult so it is a pretty quick and fun read.  The plot of it was a lot like random stories I think of in my head (but never write down) so I enjoyed it because it felt like it could have been something I would have written (but even if I did start to write it down, I’d never get around to finishing it) The only thing that tripped me up a bit was that chapters alternated being narrated by Jameson and Aly.  At times I put the book down and forgot where I was – which led to a bit of confusion, though it’s probably just my fault for not reading a chapter straight through. 😉

Definitely recommended for anyone who enjoys YA novels with a flair for the paranormal worlds.

I received a free review e-copy of this book from the publisher through Net Galley in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

Paranormal + Hollywood + cute fallen angel = WIN

When sixteen-year-old Aly King is the grand prizewinner in the “Win a Date with Dakota” contest, it seems like a dream come true. Along with her best friend Desi, and soap star wannabe sister Missy, she flies from Colorado to Hollywood for her celebrity date. Like every other girl in America, Aly knows that Dakota Danvers is a smoking hot movie star. What she doesn’t know is that he’s also Satan’s son.

Luckily for Aly, in the City of Angels there is one actual angel, Jameson Dagon. Granted, Jameson is a fallen angel, but he has one last chance at salvation if he can derail Dakota’s evil machinations. Can Jameson protect Aly and Desi from Dakota’s damning influence, put up with Missy’s prima donna antics-and ignore his smoldering attraction to Aly?

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