One direction setlist

This post contains spoilers of the set list for one directions first headlining north American tour. If you do not want to be spoiled stop reading now!

I’m warning you!

Na na na
Stand up
I wish
I gotta feeling
Stereo hearts
Gotta be you
More than this
Up all night
Tell me a lie
Everything about you
Dj zayn
Use somebody
One thing
Save you tonight
What makes you beautiful

I want

Bamboozle 2012


There have been a couple of Bamboozle’s in the past I have wanted to attend but never did simply because I thought going would be too much for me.  However, this year Action Item was playing and the girls agreed to push me in the wheelchair so that I wouldn’t be tripping all over the Asbury Park boardwalk all day.

There was a bit of confusion trying to find where we should be parking – the Bamboozle website kept saying additional handicapped information would be coming – but Sunday was the last day of the festival and nothing was ever added.  We parked at the Monmouth Race Track and took a $10 shuttle to the festival – there were coach bushes so they had no trouble storing the wheelchair underneath.

When we got to the area to scan our bracelets, none of the walkways were big enough for a wheelchair and it almost seemed like we were the first one to attempt to go through in a wheelchair (which couldn’t have been the case because I saw 3 or 4 others in wheelchairs once we did get in – but from the reaction of the staff it seemed like they hadn’t had to deal with any before)

Kicking Daisies were already on at the Paramount Stage and since it was right across the way from the Temple of Boozle stage where Action Item was, we figured we’d check them out since the girls had left and were replaced by 2 guys.  It seems like the guys were going over pretty well with the other girls in the crowd, but my group all agreed that we prefered the group with Caitlin and Carly.

After Kicking Daisies set we went across the way to Temple of Boozle and Ashland High was performing. This is Trace Cyrus’ (Miley’s brother) new band. I was not all that impressed with him and I don’t think it was simply because I was excited to see Action Item.

Then it was finally time for Action Item. They started their set with the new song Marching Band – with an actual marchin band backing them. It was pretty awesome. I kind of started kicking myself at this point that I didn’t bring my good camera – but I wrongly assumed the stages would be outside and I wouldn’t have to worry about it being dark. That’s what I get for not properly doing my research!  This room was also apparently not equipped with an ADA area so there was no decent viewing area from the wheelchair. I just kept rolling further and further back to be able to see them all.  The set was short, but it was good!

After the set we headed over by the merch table and Brian and Anthony came by and we got to chat and take photos. At this point we werent sure if we would stick around for the signing because it was not until 7:30 – but we ultimately decided we might as well stay.

We wandered around a bit outside on the boardwalk – and it was FREEZING. I ended up buying a Bamboozle shirt to put over my tank top and Kerri bought a hoodie – she was also in a tank top.  The temperature dropped like 20 degrees from when we got there to this point – it was nuts.

There were skydivers coming in on the beach and a few stages outside.  We went back inside to try and warm up (but it didnt really work) and then went to get a bite to eat.  $3 per chicken tender. Gotta love it.  Then we decided we might as well just get in the Action Item signing line because the quicker we got through the line the quicker we could get home.  We heard Gaslight Anthem’s set and Brand New’s while we were waiting – they were on the main stage.  There was also a sinner stage nearby but we couldn’t quite make out who was performing.

Finally it was 7:30 and time to meet Action Item.  Mark was up first, then Dan, Brian, Anthony and David.  Dan was talking to me a bit about what bands we saw and if I liked Brand New (I wasn’t really paying attention enough to their set) and then David talked to me about why I was in the wheelchair and we said we were having some trouble with it on the sand so he said that if he knew how to make things hover he would do it so we wouldn’t have so much trouble. haha. How sweet.  Then Anthony ended up spilling his red bull all over himself and the table and David just kind of sat there rolling his eyes and the line got held up to clean the table up so the girls got to chat with the guys for a bit longer than we should have – but you have to take advantage of those kinds of things!

Then our shuttle driver had NO idea how to get us pack to the parking lot we were in. I’m not sure how these drivers had NO clue where they were going (the guy there didn’t either) yet it was the 3rd day of the festival.  Did they all just do the route once and then they were done for the weekend? You’d think at the very least they’d all get print outs with the best directions there and back!

Overall, despite it being FREEZING cold towards the end – it was a good time and we can definitely consider it a success (except for the fact that we didn’t ask Action Item when they were touring again so we don’t know when the next time we will see them is!)

Book Review: Madhattan Mystery

While Madhattan Mystery by John J Bonk is a kid’s book, I couldn’t pass up the chance to read a mystery story set in New York City no matter who it was geared towards.  Madhattan Mystery starts off in one of my favorite NYC spots – the Whispering Gallery at Grand Central.  Here, one of our main characters, Lexi, overhears a couple of guys talking about planning to steal stuff and bury it somewhere. She writes down a few clues and forgets about it when it is time to have dinner with her Aunt and brother, Kevin.

The next day, the newspaper is reporting that Cleopatra’s Jewels have been stolen from the Met and Lexi wonders if maybe she over heard the robbers while at Grand Central.  She calls the police to give them a tip on what she over heard, but they figure she is just a kid and don’t take her call seriously.

She ends up enlisting the help of her aunt’s neighbor, Kim Long Levine, a budding journalist.  Kevin, Kim and Lexi end up skipping going to the summer camp they are enrolled in and go on a massive treasure hunt throughout Manhattan trying to find the missing jewels and to capture the reward.

They have to try and figure out what the clues that Lexi wrote down were and the news coverage also gives them more clues to go on as well.

I won’t tell you if they end up finding the jewels or not – you’ll have to check out Madhattan Mystery for yourself if you want to find out!

I received a free e-copy of this book from the publisher through Net Galley in order to write this review.

About the Book

This exciting mystery lets readers in on all the best-kept secrets of the Big Apple.

All set to spend their summer in New York City with their aunt while their father is honeymooning with his new wife, Lexi and her younger brother Kevin’s snoozy summer plans turn into high-stakes adventure when Lexi overhears a plot to steal Cleopatra’s famous jewels from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Joining forces with budding investigative journalist Kim Ling Levine, they ditch day camp to track down the thieves and rake in the reward money. Can Lexi, Kevin, and Kim find out who’s behind the jewel heist without getting into too much trouble themselves?

For fans of the classic From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler comes a hilarious whodunnit that will keep readers guessing to the very end.

JOHN J. BONK is a former musical comedy performer turned writer who has hung up his tap shoes to devote his time to performing on the page. He is the author of the comic middle-grade novels, Dustin Grubbs: One-Man Show and Dustin Grubbs: Take Two! He lives in a high-rise in the heart of Manhattan with his indefatigable kitty, Dinah Blue.

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