This week we have 2 themes – 60s and Brit Pop! Could turn out to be a pretty exciting week.  The mentor this week was Little Steven.

Hollie – River Deep Mountain High – A great performance from Hollie to start the night off!

Phillip – The Letter – I really didnt like this version at all. Once again he’s too Dave Matthews which is what is really turning me off to him.

Skylar – Fortunate Son – I wasn’t really into this performance either. Great energy, but I dont know, it seemed to be missing something,

Joshua & Phillip – You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling – Weird combo for a duet, but somehow it actually kind of worked.

Jessica – Proud Mary – Still not a fan of Jessica. Decent performance but im not sure why she had to wear shoes that she could barely walk in.

Joshua – Ain’t Too Proud to Beg – Still completely in love with Joshua. (PS Ryan its a daffodil not a tulip)

Hollie – Bleeding Love – Another great performance from Hollie. Good for her because I thought she might be in danger of going home before the show started.

Phillip – Time Of The Season – Decent performance but I feel like he is on his decline. Which is a shame because I thought he could have won it.

Jessica, Hollie & Skylar – Higher & Higher – Cute performance.

Skylar – You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me – Way better than her first performance. Great!  But I agree with Randy that the people on the bench were weird.

Jessica – You Are So Beautiful – We had 2 didn’t likes and 1 like in the living room  on this one.  I was in the dislike group and I am hoping Jessica is the one to go home…

Joshua – To Love Somebody – SO. AWE. SOME. Can we crown him the winner right now? I mean, really. He’s fantastic.

Bottom 3: Im not picking because I stink at this…

Going Home: Jessica

Well, Jessica sneaks by again… with Hollie and Skylar in the bottom 2.

And SKYLAR goes home. W. T. F.

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