We are down to the final 3 in American Idol!  Jessica, Joshua and Phillip.  Each sang 3 songs – the judges pick, the contestants pick and Jimmy Iovine’s pick.


Round 1 – Judges Pick

Joshua – Id Rather Go Blind – looooove him still. I dont think he has had a bad performance yet.

Jessica – My All  – Not a good performance at ALL.  They tell people never to do it and then they give it to people to sing. I don’t get it.

Phillip – Beggin – Good performance, but I think I have to give this round to Joshua.

Round 2 – Contestants Pick

Joshua – Imagine – Beautiful. (And I typed this before Steven said the same thing.  Jennifer’s seat at the judge’s table is open… maybe I can fill it?)

Jessica – I Dont Want To Miss a Thing –  Love this song. Hate this performance.

Phillip – Disease – Im kind of torn on this performance. It was good but not great.

Round 3 – Jimmy’s pick

Joshua – No More Drama – He kind of made me sea sick with the bouncing, but I still freaking love him.

Jessica – I’ll Be There – I thought the performance was weak. I also thought it was weird Randy said he didnt like when people sang Mariah, they gave her a Mariah song earlier and then he suggested she do the Mariah version. Huh?

Phillip – We’ve Got Tonight – I thought that this was one of the best performances of the night! Maybe Phillips best yet. WOW.

I dont get why Phillip is NEVER in the Ford commercials.  Is he sicker than they are leading on? Or does he just weasel his way out of them? It is like 4 or 5 weeks now that he has not been in them with no real explanation.  It was just incredibly obvious this week (and last week too).

The finale contestants are: Jessica (what?? she shouldn’t even BE there) and Phillip (again, whatt??)

Super, super, suuuuper bummed Joshua is not in it! But I guess I’m back on Team Phillip. (And it looks like we’re headed towards another white guy with a guitar winner…)

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