If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that my favorite contestant from Idol last season was Stefano Langone.  When I found out that he would be performing at the Dunkin Donuts Music Lounge I entered 300 times to make sure I would win.  There would be 15 winners.  Turns out – only 8 girls ended up entering so I could have gotten away with entering only once… but I had no idea how popular he was with anyone else.

He was scheduled to do a performance / live chat at noon but it got pushed back to 1pm.  Fortunately I ended up taking the day off after the crazy airport drama so I had no problem hanging around.  Only 2 other girls ended up showing up.  I was glad for that because I thought it would be really awkward if it was just me in the room and him singing haha

He did 3 songs from his upcoming album (he said it is probably going to be out late summer / early autumn) and they were called Last Day, Cherry on Top and Yes To Love.  Then he  gave us an extra song – If You Don’t Know Me By Now.  All the songs from his album were great and I really can not wait for it to come out!  He didn’t do his current single, I’m on a Roll because it was just him and a piano and he said he couldn’t do it with just the piano.

After the performance we got to meet him – and he actually said he remembered me from VIP over the summer.  How crazy! I’m sure he met a ton of people… he also remembered my name from when I introduced myself before his performance so he must just have a really awesome memory.  He also told me to tweet him so he can follow me on twitter – and now he is!

He’s such a sweet guy and I really hope that his cd does well and I get to see him again and again 🙂

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