I’m posting this a bit early, but March 3rd is “National Anthem Day”, according to the March/April edition of Weight Watchers Magazine.  The magazine writes, “Choose your own theme song on National Anthem Day. Write down the lyrics to a tune that you find uplifting (like one of Beyonce’s hits), and sing it anytime you want to ignite your motivation.”

I didn’t have too think too hard about this one – as I kind of already have my own personal theme song of sorts in Honor Society’s “Here Comes Trouble” I just love the intro and would love to have it play every time that I walk into a room!  Check it out here:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rbfSfS_Fjk]

(Ok, the girl in the song might be a bit more trouble than me, but that’s ok!)


What song would you like to have as your National Anthem?  Post in the comments! (Feel free to link a video too so we can all check it out!)