Of course, Wednesday night was not without drama as we found out that one of the contestants had to be eliminated with the cooperation of the police department! The theme from this week is Songs from the Year You Were Born.

1. Philip – Hard To Handle – Kind of weird to see him without the guitar. I think I would have liked the performance more if he played up the stage a big – without the guitar he could easily do this.  Overall it was a good performance though.

2. Jessica – Turn The Beat Around – Jessica is great and obviously sang the crap out of this song. I’m not sure why the judges felt the need to give her so much criticism though!

3. Heejun – Right Here Waiting For You – This was so bad. I don’t even understand how he is still around.

4. Elise – Lets Stay Together – I think she did a lot better than last week not being stuck in a specific theme. She is good, but she needs to have songs that are in her wheelhouse.

5. DeAndre – Endless Love – I think I would have rather him sing a song from The Lion King…  I was not interested in this performance at all. Bummer.

6. Shannon – One Sweet Day – I think the background kind of drowned her out a bit at parts, but she did a great job and I hope that America will agree and she won’t be in the bottom again!

7. Colton – Broken Heart- Still not a fan of Colton. I also didn’t like the little stylistic hiccups he added in their either.Unfortunately he did well with it otherwise so he should be safe.

8. Erika – Heaven – Love love love her!

And now we find out that it was Jermaine who will be kicked off the show. So they brought him back for what? 2 weeks? Hate to say I told you so… but ya shoulda brought back Johnny!

9. Skylar – Love Sneakin’ Up On You – I am glad that she stuck to her guns and didn’t let Jimmy pick a new song for her. I don’t know what he thinks he is doing but he is worthless as far as I’m concerned. I think that it was a great performance. And JLo saying they have to be honest with them is such BS because they totally oogle all over the ones they love even when they suck (which was not Skylar, but they do it EVERY. WEEK.)

10. Joshua – When A Man Loves a Woman – Joshua is so good. So, so, so good.

11. Hollie – The Power Of Love – She really likes singing songs from ladies with big voices – and she does a great job with them too!

Bottom 3: Heejun, Elise, DeAndre

Going Home: No one. It will be another Top 11 tour. (Or Heejun)

Thursday night we suffered through Demi Lovato and Daughtry.   And why does Ryan pick on Colton EVERY week with making it seem like he is in the bottom?  I think Colton has finally caught on based on him saying “really, really?” to Ryan. We also found out that my Bottom 3 picks pretty much sucked – although I did get 1 right (and the other 2 I had in the bottom were the final one standing with the one who did go in the bottom 3 so that threw me as well.)  I am really not in agreement with what went down – Heejun needs to have been gone WEEKS ago. I just do not see what anyone can see in him and him bring on the TV makes me want to punch things lol


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