I completely spaced on leaving room in February for these stickers, so here they are now in March! (I’ve been reviewing too many books and keep forgetting about my regular posts!)

Anita Shreve
The 4 Hour Body – Bigger
David Balducci
David Sedaris
HP7 Box Office
HP7 Opening Weekend
Hollywood’s Hottest Car Chases Coming Soon
George Lopez
Sarah Palin’s Alaska
John Lennon PBS
Let It Be On! George Lopez
Dexter Miami Metro Police
Michael Connelly
Nelson Demille
New At Midnight Lopez Tonight
Nicholas Sparks
Anne Rice Of Love and Evil
Scott Turow
Worth Dying For Lee Child

American Idol – East Rutherford
Dexter Coming Soon
Drive Box Office
Gavin DeGraw Not Over You
Glee Premiere
Glee Unicorn
Gossip Girl Premiere
Hart of Dixie Premiere
Joe Jonas Fast Life
Kelly Clarkson Mr Know It All
Kelly Clarkson Mr Know IT All Music Video
Modern Family Yahoo TV
Modern Family Phil on a Wire
Ready for Fall  TV
Super Fan
Gavin DeGraw Sweeter
The Sing Off Week 2 (Nick Lachey)
Weeds Finale
Weeds Superfan

(listed in order earned, not order on the sheet)

Modern Family Tree House
Modern Family Fan
Secret Circle Beneath
Greys Anatomy Heart Shaped Box
Greys Anatomy Fan
Dexter Forgiveness
Desperate Housewives Always in Control
Dirty Soap Galen
Fringe Novation
GG I am Number None
Glee The First Time
Fringe And Those We Left behind
Dexter Gellar
Muppets Animal
Dirty Soap Kirsten
Gossip Girl The Big Sleep No More
Glee Mash Off
Modern Family After the Fire

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