My last Idol Thoughts of the season! (Or so I think. Who knows when I might be inclined to post something Idol related…)

I opted to NOT review the final performances from Lauren and Scotty mainly because I knew that the show was going to be a big ol’ snoozefest and I didn’t want to bother with having the blog open while I was watching.  (I was actually wandering around the living room and kitchen through most of the show.)

I do think that Lauren outsang Scotty in at least 2 of the 3 rounds, but from several weeks back I was well aware that with the fan base that Scotty has – if he made it to the finals, no one stood a chance against him!

I have to say, I do prefer Scotty’s single over Lauren’s, but that’s not really saying much.  It seems as if once and for all the singing the same lame “I’ve come so far… I’ve made it past rainbows… I’ve overcome everything in my path” blah, blah, blah coronation songs are a thing of the past.

The finale show was entertaining – though I didn’t like that TLC reunited to perform with a track of Left Eye. That made me sad. I loved TLC when I was in 5th grade.  Wait… were any of the Idol contestants even ALIVE when I was in 5th grade?  Well, maybe a  few of them.  I act like I am *so* much older then them, but in fact Naima and Paul were born in the same year as me. (Though I am a couple months older than them both)

Beyonce doing a solo performance and Gaga being there at all was a bit of over kill for me. And I thought it was kind of odd that Haley got paired with – Tony Bennett? When Lauren got Carrie Underwood, Scotty got Tim McGraw, Casey got Jack Black, James had Judas Priest and Jacob had… well I can’t remember the name but someone right up his alley!  Although Haley did wonderfully with what she was given which just proves a) she can sing anything b) Idol is out to get her.  (Or maybe they didn’t intend for her to make it so far so last second they had to scramble and be like “Who is around that we can get for Haley now that she has made it to #3?!”)

And then there is the Nigel / Lee controversy.  Lee is saying that he was not asked to perform and then last second Nigel wanted him to jump on stage to hand the winners trophy (where did that even come from!?) to Scotty and Lee declined.  Nigel is saying that they asked him a week in advance… but I am not sure the time table matters.    I also can’t even remember if the winners usually do perform on the finale or not – but most people seem to be saying that they do…  and if that is indeed the case then my memory is shot and Nigel is an idiot.  Granted, Lee was one of the worst selling Idols of all time – but he’s a good guy and wouldn’t promoting him on the finale help to sell a cd or two perhaps?

And you can’t forget the kiss between Lauren and Scotty! Are they dating? Aren’t they? It seems like it depends on the day.  One day one of them says yes the other says no, then they switch sides.  I think they are just trying to confuse the hell out of all of us.

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