Wednesday evening David Cook performed as a part of TIC 96.5’s acoustic cafe in Hartford, CT.  The show was fairly brief, only 4 songs, though the crowd was begging him for more.  At one point there was a discussion on how many more songs the crowd wanted him to do and someone yelled out “A LOT!” He asked what a lot meant.

He also mentioned if someone got Neal a beer that they would hang around longer.  Beers quickly made their way up to the stage, but the next song was their final song – The Last Goodbye, David’s latest single. (Such a tease, that David!)

After the set we took photos with David.  Unfortunately what started out as pairs in photos turned in to group photos.  I had specifically not asked anyone as my guest so I could have a photo with just me and David.  Fortunately though, my friend Lauren had also won and took Christine along so it was them that I was in the photo with – and not 2 strangers!

I had on my I <3 Tulsa shirt that I had gotten back in 2009 on my first trip to Tulsa and David told me that he liked it.  (He lived in Tulsa for a bit before auditioning for Idol!)  He told me to go find Neal and show him the shirt as well, but we couldn’t find him and then once we did see him he was chatting with some others and we were waiting for our dinner to arrive so I didn’t want to go bother him.

Come Back To Me
Heroes / Champagne Supernova
Light On
Rolling in the Deep (snippet)
The Last Goodbye

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