We are down to the top 6. Sigh. No more Stefano.  Anyway…

The top 6 chose songs of Carole King.  They each did a solo song, as well as duets.  The pairing of the duets kind of made me laugh.  Ok, only one did! The pairing of Haley and Casey seemed natural (especially since they are rumored to be dating) and the pairing of Lauren and Scotty just made sense since they are both our country singers.  Of course, that left Jacob and James! (And I just realized if Jacob went home it would have been James and Stefano and that would have been so cute! ok. Trying to forget about Stefano now…)

A recap… Jacob was dressed like a clown.  Lauren brought a random audience member up on stage, had him sit… and then left him there.  Scotty took a non-country song and injected some country in it. James stripped his performance down a ton.  Casey was a bit iffy, but stopped literally slapping five with people in the audience and was a bit more delicate.  Haley did well.  And the duets weren’t all that bad.  (Though I was not a fan of the chorus on Lauren/Scotty’s song – they didn’t seem to get the harmonies right or something, it seemed off.)

Recently I saw the numbers for how many twitter followers the final 6 have.  Scotty was WAY in the lead (100,000+)  I don’t remember off hand how the rest of the order went (Casey, James, Lauren, Haley, Jacob, perhaps?) but Jacob was last.  Many seem to think this might be how the rest of the season will play out.  Although I think that the Bottom 3 this week will be Jacob, Casey and Haley (it is hard to pick when it is half of them!)… so not exactly those with less twitter followers.  I am hoping beyond hope that Jacob goes home though!

Dial Idol has everyone but Scotty as yellow – or in danger of being in the Bottom 3.  By the stats, they have Casey, Haley and Lauren as the bottom 3 vote getters.  Interesting…

Jacob – Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, we got a phone call during Jacob’s performance and when the answering machine picked up the other end talked and talked and therefore I missed almost all of his performance.  The outfit was hideous though… I’ll have to rewatch him later to really see what I think…

Lauren – Another solid performance from Lauren. But what was with the random kid? lol

Haley/Casey – Probably would have been a good song choice for Haley solo, but these two sound really great together!

Scotty – OMG no Country in the title! shocker 😉 He had to rework it a bit to make it country so bonus points for that – and he sounded great.

James – I was really impressed with this performance – not a lot of screeching, kind of stripped down… really nice.

Lauren/Scotty – They sounded good separately but when they came in together on the chorus I just wasn’t feeling it, but usually I do like them together.

Casey – I think Casey has found himself, though I’m not sure he really hit it out of the park with that one.

Haley – Great song choice – I think Haley is my new fave now that Stefano is gone.  I really like how much she has grown since the beginning of the competition and to me that is the whole point.

Jacob / James – Their reaction to performing together was the same as mine – I cracked up.

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