Rock N Roll Fridays – Buffalo Springfield

1. Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It – Do I have to come right out and say it
Tell you that you look so fine
Do I have to come right out and ask you to be mine
Have you ever struggled to tell someone how you really felt about them?
Yes, on multiple occasions.

2. Mr. Soul – I was down on a frown when the messenger brought me a letter 
I was raised by the praise of a fan who said I upset her 
Any girl in the world could have easily known me better 
She said, You’re strange, but don’t change, and I let her. 
Have you ever been told that you are strange?
Yes, on multiple occasions.
3. A Child’s Claim to Fame – Well there goes another day
Now I wonder why
You and I
Keep telling lies 
Have you ever been lied to on a regular basis by someone that you loved?
Yes, on multiple occasions.
4. Sit Down, I Think I Love You – So if you want someone to love you
Pretty babe I’m your guy
It’s not much I’m asking of you
Just please give me a try 
Have you ever told someone how you felt and been rejected completely?
Yes, on multiple occasions.
5. Broken Arrow – The streets were lined for the wedding parade, 
The Queen wore the white gloves, the county of song, 
The black covered caisson her horses had drawn 
Protected her King from the sun rays of dawn. 
They married for peace and were gone.
How do you feel about Kings and Queens of a country like Great Britain?
I don’t really.. “get” it, I guess. But if that works for them, then more power to them.
6. For What It’s Worth – There’s battle lines bein’ drawn.
Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong.
Young people speakin’ their minds
A-gettin’ so much resistance from behind. 
Have you ever taken part in a demonstration? If yes, do tell.
No I have not.
7. Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing – To singing in the meaning of what’s in my mind
Before I can take home what’s rightfully mine
Joinin’ and listenin’ and talkin’ in rhymes
Stoppin’ the feeling to wait for the times
Have you ever written a poem? If yes, would you share it with us?
I have had to write poems for school and it was then that I realized, I can not write poems at all… so no I will not be sharing any of my “poetry” haha 
8. Bluebird – Listen to my bluebird laugh.
She can’t tell you why.
Deep within her heart, you see,
She knows only crying.
Just crying. 
Have you ever had to deal with someone suffering from depression?
9. On the Way Home – When the dream came
I held my breath with my eyes closed
I went insane
Like a smoke ring day when the wind blows 
Have you ever smoked? If you’ve quit, how did you do it?
Never smoked.
10. Burned – Been burned and with both feet on the ground
I’ve learned that it’s painful comin’ down
No use runnin’ away, and there’s no time left to stay
Now I’m finding out that it’s so confusin’
No time left and I know I’m losin’ 
Tell us about a time when you realized that you were losing but could not change the outcome.
Every day of my life? lol 
11. Flying On the Ground (Is Wrong) – Is my world not falling down
I’m in pieces on the ground
And my eyes aren’t open
And I’m standing on my knees
But if crying and holding on
And flying on the ground is wrong
Then I’m sorry to let you down
But you’re from my side of town
And I miss you 
Who are you missing today?
No one.
12. It’s So Hard to Wait – You are a man, you understand
You pick me up and you lay me down again
You make the rules, you say what’s fair
It’s lots of fun to have you there 
Who makes the rules in your home?My mother. (although my Dad likes to think he does! haha!)
13. Questions – With the questions of a thousand dreams,
What you do and what you see.
Come on lover, talk to me. 
Have you ever had to ask someone to explain how they felt because of mixed signals?

Well I might as well finish this one out the way I started.  Yes, on multiple occasions.

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