My mail sure travels!

During Spring Training, I often send baseball players photos I have taken the season before with a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) and ask if they wouldn’t mind signing it and sending it back. 

Recently I got an envelope in the mail from Colorado – the return address said “Veterans Affairs” or something to that extent.  I was confused.  When I opened it, it had an autograph from Mets pitcher Jon Niese inside.  (The only ACTUAL autograph I have received (so far) this year!)  Also inside was my original SASE (in which I stamped my address in the “To” and “From” spots) with a stamp from the post office saying “No Such Number”

Here I try to make it easier by using a stamp of my address rather than writing the envelopes out (if I am writing out 20 or so envelopes, my handwriting is going to get really messy towards the end) but someone still can’t seem to figure out where it is supposed to go!

So my mail went from FL to CT by way of CO…

(I once had a postcard coming to me from China get to me by way of PA! Which you can read about at my postcard blog)

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