Idol Thoughts

Last night it was time for the Top 7 to perform!  But before that could happen – the 6 cast-offs came back and butchered P!NK’s “So What”.  I am not sure what the point of that was but I thought it was pretty ridiculous!  (Especially since there is no reason why 7 singers can’t be fit into an hour show.. but no it is 90 minutes! I guess they need to squeeze in all the ad revenue they can to pay for James’ demands)

The theme was very very broad – Songs of the 21st Century.  So basically anything after 2000 of any genre was up for grabs.  Can we give these contestants a challenge? PLEASE? Perhaps force Scotty to re-work something into country?  I was watching Idoloonies from last week and they mentioned how there hasn’t been a “Heartless” or “Always Be My Baby” or anything like that this season.  That is what I am looking for… something to wow me.

I also need to get out of my “but last season they never..”, “before they never let them…” box.  I am shocked that they let James have so much production every week.  But I guess if he asks for off the wall things and they oblige, might as well keep asking so I can’t really fault James.  And I guess if the other contestants wanted something like that they could ask too… but it just seems a bit unfair to me.

I really enjoyed them all “picking” on each other in the intros.  It was cute and it was nice to finally see the girls being goofy.  (Has anyone noticed that they almost always have the guys being goofy and hardly ever the girls? It is part of the big conspiracy over why almost all the cast offs so far have been girls)

My picks for the bottom 3 this week are HARD.  I thought everyone did really well, although Lauren and Scotty really went “safe” with their choices, I think they are too popular to have that really go against them.  Everyone else did really well.  Of course in MY perfect world – it would be James or Jacob going.  Actually, I think there could be a chance of Jacob going.  I also think that Haley and my dear Stefano will be joining him in the bottom 3.  I really hope Stefano doesn’t go home because I hurt my wrist text-voting for him! 😉  (Unlimited texting plan – where have you BEEN all my life?)

Dial Idol has  Haley, Casey and Stefano as the bottom 3.  I’m kind of shocked they don’t have all but one of them yellow again.  Although they have not been all that accurate so *fingers crossed* that Stefano will make it through.  I’ll be totally bummed if he goes home.  I was ok with him going home the week Pia did but now he is bringing it so I am not prepared for his leaving anymore haha Although as I’ve said before, I don’t think he can win it so if he doesn’t go this week, it’ll probably be next week. 🙁

Scotty – For some reason this whole performance came across as creepy to me. The eyebrow raising and the verses, I don’t know, it was just weird.  His vocals were good but I dunno. Still not a fan.

James – Once again he tries to be like Adam Lambert.  Adam did Muse on the Idol tour. I didn’t like Adam, but James makes me want to marry Adam.  His performance was awful. He needs to spend less time worrying about pulling all the stops and worry more about actually SINGING.

Haley – Great great performance, I loved it and it was a great song choice 🙂

Jacob – He seemed to trip up a bit in the beginning but then he found his way (ear monitor problem?) and did pretty good. But I can’t say I’m a fan.

Casey – I dont know what to think about this performance.  It was a risk but did not blow me away… though Maroon 5 is one of my faves so that might have something to do with it. Hard to compare to the originals.  It certainly was a lot better than some of his other performances.

Stefano – Damn.

Lauren – She sang well but it was a safe song choice. I’d really like to see her take a risk.

Get Glue Stickers April

Since my last request, Get Glue changed how they are sending out their stickers and have said that stickers will be mailed out in a more timely manner.  My request was made on April 5th and they arrived on April 18th, so I would have to agree that things are moving quicker now over at Get Glue headquarters. They are also coming on a sheet which basically guarantees that you will get 20 stickers along with 3 get glue stickers ‘to give to friends’  This batch was a lot of book stickers!

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