Ocean Grove at Pearl Street Northampton, MA

Friday Night Ocean Grove brought their tour to Northampton, MA.  Since there was no CT date on the schedule, we decided to take a little road trip.

The opening acts were The Feel and Arrows over Athens.  Since my policy with openers is.. if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, that is all I will say about them.

This show was only their 7th show as a band, but they have been touring together for years as the backup band for the Jonas Brothers.  They started the show with “Grab Your Coat” which was really high energy.  They only have 1 EP out right now (Little Record) so most of the songs are relatively unknown to the fans, unless you had seen them live before.  They had mentioned one of the songs they had not done at the LA or NYC shows – I want to say it was “You’re The One”, they said they were saving it for the real tour.

They also did a great cover of Adele’s “Rollin in the Deep”  that seems to be the song to cover lately – and it is a lot of fun to sing along to!

I was having a really tough time keeping track of the setlist, since most of these songs are relatively unknown and very few did they mention the name of it beforehand.  I was trying to cross-reference with the setlist that the venue had posted from the NYC show, but I wasn’t doing so well. (And my phone was on the verge of dying) Then once the show ended I realized that we were leaning up against the sound board pretty much all night – and the guy running it MUST have had a setlist.  Everyone around me left so I turned around and asked the guy “Do you have a setlist?” and he handed me it!  I thanked him and was pretty excited that I would not need to go home and spend hours trying to figure out which song was which haha.

After the show was over, the band hung around to meet anyone who wanted to meet them after the show.  I am REALLY awkward in these kind of things because I never know what to say.  Jack was first and I had them all sign the setlist.  Then it was Ryan, John, and Greg.  I opted not to get a photo with them because the room it was being held in was SUPER dark and when that happens the flashes tend to make me blink… so I didn’t even want to bother if I knew that I’d have my eyes closed!

They said that they will be touring again over the summer! We are looking forward to it.

Setlist under the cut!  I will post photos later on this weekend or next week – if they came out ok.  I spent a LONG time trying all the settings on my camera because not much was coming out.  So if anything is even halfway decent I’ll share.

Grab Your Coat
Dream Date
The Best
Take It Away
You’re The One
I Want You In Love
Not You
Rollin In The Deep
We’re Still Breathing
So Cool
Won’t Say Goodbye
Our House

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