Random Thoughts

3 things I feel the need to share today…

1. Maroon 5’s co-headlining tour with Train was announced today.  At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go because it is all the way up at Foxwoods and I don’t particularly like Train. Then I found out Gavin DeGraw is the opening act and he is on my “must see” list, so I’ll probably be getting tickets on Saturday morning…

2. I got an email today for some product review website.  I was not interested as I would have to pay to get access the site and I have plenty of sites where I don’t need to pay that have been working out ok for me.  Whoever sent out the email CC’ed everyone and now it has turned into a Reply To All free for all.  Some are RTA’ing asking to be removed from the list (why that needs to be sent to everyone, I don’t know) and others are RTA’ing promoting their blog or websites since they now have this large list of emails.  It is so frustrating and I don’t know where they got my email… but in the future they should BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) instead of CC so none of this Reply To All Free For All nonsense can happen!

3. The WordPress speed bump has been resolved (yipee!) so the blog move will be happening probably mid-week… depends on if I can get my act together to fit it in around posts that need to be scheduled for certain days.  So once again if the site is not working or looks funky for a little bit – it is most likely because I am in the process of the switch.  Once I’m on wordpress you’ll know because I will have an all new layout.

Own a Piece of New York!

I am always looking for unique items to accessorise with, especially necklaces, for when I go to concerts. Baileybe’s Etsy shop offers a great item – a piece of New York in the palm of your hand!

BAILEYBE is now creating one of kind souvenirs from the Big Apple. Necklaces that literally contain a piece of New York – subway Metro Cards, street vendor coffee cups, central park dirt and more! No two necklaces are alike! Custom city ingredients available upon request (even from Brooklyn)!

My necklace contains authentic NYC dirt, authentic NYC metro card and authentic NYC coffee cup! I know that this will be a great conversation starter the next time I am waiting in line to get in to a show! (Trust me – everything you are wearing comes up as a topic of conversation when trying to pass the time in line – and an item as unique as this is sure to be talked about!)

The small bottle of NYC goodies came with a black cord to wear it around my neck.  The stopper on the top of the bottle is also in there VERY tightly – I am not afraid of it popping off at all when I wear it.  I (heart) NY and I am so excited that I will get to have a little piece of it with me wherever I go, as long as I am wearing this necklace.

Be sure to check out Baileybe’s Etsy page for your own piece of New York and other great jewelry items as well! At only $8(+shipping) this item is a great deal!

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any way, nor was I asked to write a positive review about this item. All thoughts are completely mine!

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