Ricky Martin Musica Almo Sexo Tour Uncasville, CT


Last night Ricky Martin brought his Musica Almo Sexo Tour to the Mohegan Sun Arena. Last minute, I decided to go as a gift to myself for getting my Alexa ranking under 1 million.

Tickets said the show was set to start at 7, so I made sure to get in line to be let in at 6pm because Get Glue has a special sticker just for those attending Ricky’s concert and I wanted to make sure I figured out how to get it! I quickly found a banner which had a QR code on it and I was instructed to scan it and check in to get the sticker. I scanned it, but wasn’t awarded a sticker… (I have contacted Get Glue Support to see what is going on!)

Ricky had no opener and didn’t take the stage until closer to 8pm. I am not sure if the set list I got is 100% correct – I found it on a website before I went and checked it now and then and it seemed to be accurate, but I am not totally familiar with all of Ricky’s stuff. (And I don’t speak or understand much spanish)

The stage had 2 cat walks that went up into sections 14 and 26. (Which is probably why there were no last minute tickets in that section – I was in the back in section 22.) The main stage had a big metal tic-tac-toe board set up. The show started with Ricky in the middle spot and then after a song or two he fell from the spot into his dancer’s arms who were waiting for him on the stage.

The show was a lot of fun (though I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who is bothered by strobe lights – the lights were really intense at points) and a great mix of some of Ricky’s more up beat singles and slower songs. I also liked how during 2 of the breaks we got to know a little bit more about one of Ricky’s dancers and musicians.

I had a lot of fun and was wanting to see Ricky since 1999, so I am glad that I finally got the chance. He puts on a great show and so obviously loves what he does – he has a smile on his face nearly the whole show!

Sera Sera / Too Late Now
Dime Que Me Quieres
Its Alright
Que Dia Es Hoy
La Vida Loca
She Bangs
Shake Your Bon Bon
Tu Recuerdo
I Am
Lola Lola
La Bomba
The Cup of Life

The Best Thing About Me Is You

WordPress Switch: Speed Bump

Today I was prepared to take the plunge and move my blog from blogger to wordpress. I have a new layout, I have several print out of instructions and I was ready to tackle everything. Until I went to install wordpress on my hosting plan and it told me “Invalid Domain” D’oh!I put in a support ticket and my hosts are talking to the administrators there to see what is going on. I am not sure how long it will take for this issue to be resolved, so it looks like I will be sticking around here at blogger for at least a little bit longer! Things may change without warning though now that the process has started so if you see anything strange going on, don’t be alarmed it is just the moving process. 🙂 (P.S The Space Race Kids giveaway end date was chosen with a day of buffer time for when the blog was down during the move. If the move ends up taking more than 1 day, the end date will be modified accordingly)

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