This weeks theme was Then & Now, where the contestants first sang a recent song and then an older song.  Of the present day songs, I thought that James and Jacob fell flat.  I wasn’t sure if I’d like Lauren picking a Carrie song because Carrie is really, really, really good – but I think it worked out.  Scotty was his usual consistent self and Haley did an unreleased Gaga song and I think she did well.  I thought that the older songs were a bit stronger choices, but Jacob was still blah.  I hope that it is him going home this week.

Jimmy Iovine seemed to have a bit too much of a hand in song selection, I guess that is his job – but he seemed to sway everyone in… interesting directions, to say the least.  He also had Sheryl Crow on hand to help mentor the gang and I thought that she did a great job with her advice.

I’m thinking it should be an all male bottom 3 and that Jacob should be going home.  If he is not going home this week I might have to consider not watching next week. I am just so over him…

Also – Get Glue users – there are some Idol stickers now! I think if you check in once you get a sticker, if you mention one of the contestants names you get a Tour sticker (it didn’t work when I put in Stefano’s name after he was gone, but did work when I put in Casey’s before he was gone – so you might want to try with a current contestant) There are also stickers for Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest. Just comment with “I love [insert name here]” and they should pop. (Supposedly they don’t work if you put them all in one check-in, I did them all separately) and then there appears to be stickers for each of the last 5 results shows which will be a generic sticker but then on Friday it will turn into the contestant who went home. Of course, after I couldn’t care less about having a sticker of whoever is left… but I’ll be collecting them all on my account anyway!

James – He was incredibly screechy and I did not like this performance at all.

Jacob – I think he sang this song higher than Jordin does! And he certainly sang it much worse than Jordin does. YIKES.

Lauren – At first I wasn’t sure about her picking one of Carrie’s songs, but she did well with the song.  Although I probably would have liked anything after the two trainwrecks before her

Scotty – As usual, he did well. ::yawn::

Haley – Haley took a risk doing an unreleased Lady Gaga song.  I’m not familiar with the song at all, but I think she did a good job.  I just wonder if letting her do it was part of the negotiations when they agreed to premiere Gaga’s new video…

James – I like him so much better when he is not being all screechy and ridiculous… But I can’t help but think that single tear was an act.  I also like that the judges called him out for being pitchy, finally…

Jacob -Better than his first… but not by much.

Lauren – Her performance was alright, but I didn’t love it. I can’t quite put a finger on what it was though. Her dress was really pretty too.

Scotty -Another solid performance from Scotty.

Haley – I thought this song was great for her! Great performance

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