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The show started by showing last Top 3 contestants and their trips home (to which I sat there going “met him. met her. met him. met him.” lol) and mentioned how they would go home as HEROES!  Now, that is a bit of a stretch…  They go home as celebrities, maybe, but heroes? Not so much, imo.

Round 1 was inspirational songs and I thought they were all kind of a mess.  I’d have to say I think Lauren did best, but that was really not saying much.  As usual, the judges failed to criticize anyone except Haley. They also showed no sign of Jimmy Iovine, but I wouldn’t doubt he was behind these performances and maybe even the song choices too.

Round 2 was the music of Lieber and Stoller and they were mentored by Lady Gaga.  I think she gave some good advice and the songs from the second round were all sung much better than the first round.  Although, James did not seem to take her advice.

Personally this week I’d like to see James or Lauren gone, but unfortunately I think it is more likely that Haley will go home because the cards are stacked against her.  She has never had a one on one stool interview with Ryan, although everyone else has.  She is the only one  that is really criticized which in a way is good to help her grow, but anyone in America who decides to vote based on the judges is probably not going to like her.  I am HOPING that America is smart enough to see that these judges are AWFUL… (I really never thought I would miss Simon – but I do!) and make up their own decisions.

I text voted 500 times for Haley tonight – I haven’t voted that much since Kris Allen… and one of my friends hooked up DialIdol to her computer and voted 700 times hands free.  Is it enough? We’ll see.

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Don't Fret The Sweat

Going through your teen years is hard enough – but then there is that whole puberty and body odor aspect of it. A lot of teens are embarrassed to talk about things like this and sometimes parents don’t know what approach to take when discussing these issues with their kids.

Unilever has set up a great new resource – Don’t Fret the Sweat.  It is “Your glorious guide to sweat, kids and confidence”  You can find out more by “Liking” Don’t Fret the Sweat on Facebook.  Check out the widget below for some videos!

I am participating in a campaign via One2One Network and am entered to win prizes in exchange for posting.

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