Oversold Flights

On my trip to Tulsa, my first flight was overbooked and they were looking for volunteers to switch to another flight and they would compensate them. I was tempted, but then I was paranoid that I wouldn’t make it to Tulsa in time for the show (even though I still had an entire day to get there).

On my way home, neither of my flights were over booked, but the gate across from me was offering $400 in flight vouchers to switch to a different flight. I wasn’t too worried about getting home so I would have done it… and most definitely for $400 – that could easily be another trip to Tulsa – or probably a number of other placed I’d like to go!

Has anyone out there bumped a flight for compensation? How much longer did it take for you to get to your destination? If you’ve never done it – what kind of compensation would make you consider it? Cash money? Flight vouchers?

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