Keeping Your Relationships Fresh

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It’s no secret that everyone has relationship problems at some time or antoher.  But who do you go to for advice? Your best friends? Your parents? Or an outside source? is a relationship advice website where you can go if you are looking for advice but don’t particularly want to tell your situation to friends or family. has advice for any stage in your relationship – whether you are Dating, Exclusive, Engaged, Married or Parents.  The site has polls, articles and other hot topics for you to check out and hopefully end up getting the advice you need to keep your relationship going strong. has tips on keeping your relationship fresh. It also has videos from celebrities, such as CSI: NY actor Hill Harper ( discussing his views on technology and how important having conversations are.  While facebook and other social networking are keeping us connected – at the end of the day they mean nothing if people aren’t actually hanging out.  He talks about having a “conversation party” where as people arrive you have them place their relationship questions (Or any question, really) in a hat and then later on ask the questions to the party – since no answer is completely right or wrong, you will get the perspective of others in the room and share information with each other.  But most of all, you are having a real face to face conversation and discussion – something that many are lacking due to social networking.

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What is the most common relationship question you hear from your friends or family?  What is the most common question that you ask your friends and family about relationships?  Let us know in the comments.

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