Big Apple Comic Con – Part 2

As soon as I got my VIP stuff I got in line to get my autograph from Tom Felton.  He seemed to be talking to everyone so we had plenty of time to get photos of him while we were waiting.  It took about a half an hour to get up to him, which wasn’t too bad of a wait at all.

We had 3 photos to choose from and got to choose if we wanted it personalized or not. I chose to get mine personalized because I like to see how people make their ‘K’s.  I have to say, Tom’s K was pretty fancy!  He was totally sweet and called everyone by name as we got up to him. He was talking to the girls in front of me about the last movie and how it will be the best one, but it is bittersweet because it is the end. (I’ve been saying the SAME thing!) He called me lovely and asked how I was doing and thanked me for coming and he also asked me if the autograph he did was ok LOL  I like how he also added “Draco” on the autograph – he didn’t on the girls in front of mine.


Next up was 12:45 for the photo-op.  Somehow I managed to be about the 5th person in line for the photos.  He had taken off a plaid shirt he had on before I got to him in the autograph line, but put it back on for the photos.  The room was SO hot, I got in there and he was fanning himself with his shirt and I was like “It is so hot in here!” and he just turns to me and goes “YOU’RE RIGHT!” and we took the photo and chatted a bit and he thanked me for coming down and I thanked him for being there and told him it was nice to meet him.

He was honestly so, so nice.  Not that I expected anything less.  I used to get teased in college because I had an I <3 Draco shirt that I would wear to classes and everyone would be “why do you like him? he’s so bad!” haha But Tom is absolutely wonderful and my favorite from the series so I was glad that I got to meet him first.  I am not sure that I’ll go back to this Con again – but I’d probably consider it long and hard if Ron Weasley was there… (he is my 2nd fave)

About an hour later I went back and my photo was ready and waiting – I thought it would come out pretty icky because we were both sweaty and gross, but the cameras were amazing and it doesn’t look too bad at all!

After that I decided to head home – all the waiting in line was just too much for me, but I am quite proud of how well I handled the situation – especially since waiting for all the VIP stuff separated me from my brother for most of the day.

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