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Traveling on Friday the 13th

I am actually writing this on Friday the 13th – though it is probably a few days after that this is being posted.  What can I say, I need to space things out so that I end up doing (at least) a post a day…  For it being such a spooky day… or whatever.. things went relatively smoothly…

I was going to wake up at noon, but found out Honor Society tickets were going on sale early at about 10:15. Hoping I was in fast enough to be one of the first 50 for a M&G, but we’ll see.  Then I decided to get my hair cut.  I cut off 10+ inches.  Donated 10 of it and the rest was gone in styling it once the ponytail was cut off. It is REALLY short (Last time it was this short or here about was in January of 09 when I donated it before going on the Rock Boat)

At 1:30 I left for the airport and thought I might be cutting it short.  There was some traffic, I dropped my car off at the valet parking and was at security by 3pm.  Got through that with minimal problems (I was paranoid because instead of my ticket saying Katie A, first name & middle initial it said Katiea.) The guy yelled at me because I didn’t have my laptop out. I didn’t realize I had to but I was quick…

As usual, my gate was pretty much the last one possible when walking.  I had a REALLY tall guy next to me on the flight, but he was nice and I tried to give him as much leg room as I could since I’m short lol  I also got my bag in the overhead bin FIRST but somehow the flight attendant decided it needed to be moved for someone else’s gigantic bag so it ended up somewhere else lol  The flight was about an hour and then it was time to stop in Detroit.

Of course, the airport where I wanted to walk around (they have 4 penny machines, none near me) my gate was just 3 over from where we landed!  I was able to get a baseball postcard for my collection (a collection i started on trips to see Hanson lol)
The flight from Detroit to Tulsa was PACKED.  There was a problem with one of the planes flying to OKC, so they had to shuffle people on to our flight and then those people had to figure out rides from Tulsa.  It was also one of the worst flights I was ever on.  There were 3 times when we hit really bad turbulence and I think the guy next to me realized I was not too happy the 3rd time and tried to make stupid conversation with me lol  I did not like him as much as the first guy because he was reading and had his elbows so far out one was poking me in the stomach.

When I got to Tulsa I found the hotel shuttle right away and the driver told me he was waiting for a crew from a flight that should be in at 9:20.  However, their flight got delayed to 10:30 so he ended up taking me to the hotel and heading back to pick up the flight crew.  I think he got sick of me telling him about Hanson’s life story. (Here I thought everyone in Tulsa would know about them! Guess not!)

My hotel is SUPER nice… and ridiculously nice for the price I got it for on priceline.  The only down site – at least on my floor, there is no vending machine with snacks.  I did not have a real meal all day! I got a snack pack on the plane though… but I think I’ll be having a big breakfast tomorrow…

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