Off To Tulsa! + contest bonus entry!

Today I am leaving for my trip to Tulsa, OK for the weekend.  I’ll get in to Tulsa about 9pm CT.  I do have a guest post lined up for Saturday and a book review for Sunday so my readers won’t be lonely.  (Though I probably won’t get many chances to update the links on the Facebook) Hopefully on Monday and over the week I will have a recap of some of the “sites” in Tulsa.

I am going to see Hanson – they are doing their Members Only Event once again in Tulsa.  This is a more intimate show and you must be a fan club member to attend.  The show will take place at Cain’s Ballroom in downtown Tulsa.  There are 2 sessions, 1pm and 8pm.  I am going to the later session and will be checking out some locations where they filmed their music videos “Go” and “Thinking Bout Somethin” during the day as well as hopefully hitting up the Blue Rose Cafe – the guys used to sing by the dumpster because they were too young to get inside and sing at the bar!

I am also hoping to make it to the Zoo as well, but we’ll see if time permits!

I have layovers in Detroit and Minneapolis so I am hoping I can add to my ball park postcard collection (I have St Louis and Atlanta from previous treks to Tulsa!)

Only my last flight – from Minneapolis to Hartford will there be internet on the plane – so maybe I can schedule some recap posts from the plane – that is, if I am not completely knocked out.  My last trip to Tulsa I slept 3 of my 4 flights and was sad to have missed my complimentary cookies!

As a bonus entry – comment on either the Prefense Giveaway or the Jon McLaughlin CD Giveaway with what your favorite Hanson song is! (Mandatory entry must be done first in order for bonus entry to count.  Bonus entry expires May 15th at NOON EST! You must choose 1 of the 2 contests to use your bonus entry on)

Danny Gokey M&Gs available

The easiest way to meet Danny Gokey when he hits the road this summer, is to purchase a M&G by making a donation to his foundation – Sophia’s Heart.

For each show there is only 30 M&G passes available – so act quickly to make sure that you will get the chance to meet him!

A lot of shows have just been added as available so be sure to head over to and see if your show has been added!

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