Alexa Ranking

My goal with my alexa ranking, was to be 500,000 or lower.  As of writing this I am now under 400,000 – which is awesome!  I am hoping this will lead to my Google PR ranking being higher than 0 whenever they next update. (I have a ranking of 3 on my Honor Society blog and a ranking of 1 on my Hanson blog – and I can not for the life of me figure out why theirs are higher than mine, except for the fact that I changed from my name to my permanent domain name around the time that Google was updating their rank)

Some giveaways / product reviews ask that your ranking be under 100,000 – but I’m not sure I will get to that point.  If I do, then that will be great – but it’s not like I’d be totally bummed if not – because Alexa ranks you versus other websites out on the web and I am not sure I am even worthy of a ranking as low as 100,000!  But whatever happens, happens 🙂

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