Last night’s theme was Songs from the Movies!  There was a wide variety of genres selected and some of the performances were awesome while others… weren’t.  However, the judges told everyone they were wonderful, as usual!

My favorite of the night was Stefano.  I think that he did his best performance of the season last night!  Him staying over Pia last week seemed to really affect him and I am glad that he turned it positive and gave an amazing performance rather than rolling over and dying and being the next to go. I also put my new texting plan to good use.. and put in a few text votes for him last night (it is SO easy! lol I’ve been in the dark all these years without a texting plan)

My picks for the bottom 3 are Paul, Haley and Jacob.  I would say it is a toss up between Paul and Haley going home – but with the all girls going home that seems to be going on, it makes me want to say it will be Haley. DialIdol on the other hand has Haley, Paul and Casey on the bottom, with Casey set up to go home.  I was not a fan of his performance (plus he seems to keep changing up “who he is”) but I didn’t think it was enough to send him home.  Stefano, James and Lauren are also yellow and therefore in danger of being in the Bottom 3.  Hey Dial Idol, it’s pretty easy to predict it right when you only have TWO contestants of 8 listed as safe! lol

Paul – I thought his song choice was good during the rehearsal footage, but not so much when he came out on the stage.  It seemed to fall flat and it might have had something to do with running down all the stairs in the beginning.  The performance was really awkward.

Lauren – She sang it better than Miley, obviously, but I was kind of bored with the performance.

Stefano – I think this was one of his strongest performances yet! Looooooved it.

Scotty – I don’t like ballads. This was putting me asleep lol He can sing… but country + ballad… I’m not into it. (It is weird how I like the more pop/rock country… but whatever type Scotty is doing I don’t dig)

Casey – I like that he shows a new side to him almost every week.  I’m not sure if this was the best choice for him though. (Not sure the Phil Collins song would have been any better – and that is one of my fave songs of all time) Although… the studio seemed to love it!

Haley – I’m not sure I liked this performance. It seemed a bit shouty at points. I figure she’ll be in the bottom 3.

Jacob – I don’t like when they choose songs that were HUGE for other Idol contestants because in my mind it is all I can think of.  This was a good rendition but I think it would have been better if he did something that had never been done before.

James – ugh. the screeching. enough. I don’t even want to think about the rest of the song because the screeching just turns me off so much.  And I think the whole Jimmy not liking it + giving James the pimp spot was some heavy orchestrating by the producers.