Usually I don’t write about the Idol results, but Thursday night’s episode was such a shocker I had to get some thoughts out!   I was really shocked that Paul was not in the bottom at all.  I really would have bet money on him going home this week!

Pia going home was definitely a huge shocker – when Jacob was safe (and he should have gone home for that stupid comment about people not voting because they won’t look at themselves in the mirror or whatever the hell he said) I screamed out “noooooooo!” Mainly because I thought Stefano was going.  And while I don’t think he is going to win the thing by any means, I was hoping he’d stick around a couple more weeks.  If you watched his reaction – when Ryan was hyping everyone up with the suspense over who was going home, he was nodding as if to say “yes it is me and I am ok with that”  when Ryan said Pia, Stefano’s eyes got HUGE with shock.  Just as I am sure a lot of people’s did!

There goes my final 2 prediction! (Pia and Scotty)

But I guess the majority of the people who vote are girls.  And as good as the girl singers might be, most girls are inclined to vote for the boys.  I think the only time I ever voted for a female contestant was Carrie Underwood.

Although – if ANYONE told me “It’s not Paul this week, it is a girl” I would have said “Oh. It’s Haley then.”  While she has gotten better over the past few weeks, I just don’t know if she has the fanbase of the others.

Hopefully a guy will go next week to even things up a bit.  Could you imagine if Haley goes next week and it is 6 men and a little lady?  That would be crazy!  Although maybe I should stop putting rhetorical questions out there. They seem to come true-ish.

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