How do you stay entertained when you are snowed in?

I should be good at answering this since I’ve been snowed in twice already this winter. (Although our latest snow storm was not as bad as the one we got just after Christmas)  Provided we don’t lose power, I don’t do too much different than normal.  TV, computer, etc.  And maybe cleaning. (Though usually not unless there is absolutely nothing on TV and I’ve reached the end of the internet)

Friday we got hit with some more snow.  It wasn’t windy, like during our first storm, so the trees looked absolutely gorgeous with the snow on them.  I decided I was going to venture outside to snap some photos and to check out the “snow” setting on my camera.  The door to the backyard was frozen shut (probably not a good idea to keep it that way) so I had to go out the front door and then around.

I walked about halfway through our backyard and took some pics – but the shed was in the way and then there was a plastic bag tied to one of the trees that wasn’t making things look very nice lol so I went a little closer.  Then I turned to my left.. and there was a DEER! It was just standing there in my neighbors yard. I kind of panicked, not sure what it was going to do, but managed to snap a photo.  Then it ran off into the woods and I tried to get a couple more pics of it, but nothing too amazing.  This is the shot right after I noticed it:

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