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What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts?

All the snow!!!! First, I had to reschedule our 3rd row tickets for the Lion King to a new date because there was a blizzard. (Which is probably how we got the 3rd row in the first place) and our new tickets are 16th row.  Still not terrible, but yeah.

Also, we are supposed to be getting MORE SNOW tonight and tomorrow (though I guess not a lot) and tonight I am going to the Hockey game about an hour away and tomorrow is my January concert – about half an hour away – Kicking Daisies.  I am hoping that neither of these events will be canceled or ruined by the snow because I have not been out of the house for an extended period of time in I don’t know how long because of this damn snow.

And then!!! Tuesday into Wednesday we are supposed to be getting another blizzard.  Where we will put the snow, I don’t even know.. Our mailbox is pretty much buried and we didn’t even get mail yesterday because the streets were so bad. We need to get one of those incredible custom mailboxes from a site like, they have all kinds of stunning and inventive mailboxes. We might get one customized to be heated durring storms.

Nuts is an understatement LOL

Rock N Roll Fridays – Blondie

1. HANGING ON THE TELEPHONE : “ You’ve got me hangin on the telephone…”
Have you ever fallen asleep while talking on the phone?
I am not a big telephone talker in general, so I am pretty sure that has never happened.

2. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER : “One way or another, I’m gonna find ya. I’m gonna get ya , I’ll get ya…”
Where is the oddest place you agreed to meet someone?
I really don’t meet people in odd places.  The mall, a commuter lot, etc… but nothing too odd!

3. PRETTY BABY : “Pretty baby, you look so heavenly. A neo nebula from under the sun…”
Post your baby picture here.
I don’t have any baby pictures handy! I did have a couple on my myspace account, but I deleted that about a year ago

4. RIP HER TO SHREDS : “Check out those shoes. She looks like she stepped out of the middle of somebody’s blues. She looks like the Sunday comics, she thinks she’s Brenda Starr…”
Who did you last rip apart or gossip about?
Probably a celebrity.

5. ATOMIC : “Oh, oh heart make it magnificent. Tonight , tonight….”
Do you believe in nuclear energy? If not, what type of power do you prefer?
I don’t know.

6. PICTURE THIS : “All I want is a photo in my wallet. A small remembrance of something more solid. All I want is a picture of you.”
Are you into photography? What do you usually photograph?
Yes I am. Usually I photograph concerts or baseball games.

7. DENIS : “Denis Denis I’m so in love with you. You’re my king. I’m in heaven every time I look at you…”
What is your favorite name that is used by both boys and girls (Example: Jean/Gene)?

8. UNION CITY BLUE : “Oh ho, oh ho, what are we gonna do? Union, union, union city blue. Tunnel to the other side. It becomes daylight.”
Are you in a union? Do you believe in them?
No I’m not.

9. HEART OF GLASS : “Love is so confusing there’s no peace of mind. If I fear I’m losing you, it’s just no good. You teasing like you do…”
When was the last time you teased someone?
Probably one of my family members in the last week or so.

10. DREAMING : “Dream, dream. Even fir a little while. Dream, dream. Filling up an idle hour. Fade away….radiate…”
What do you daydream about?
Getting out of here

11. CALL ME : “Cover me with kisses baby, cover me with love. Roll me in designer sheets, I’ll never get enough…”
Should prostitution be legal? Why or why not?
Umm I don’t know. I don’t really have an opinion either way.

12. RAPTURE : “Fab Five Freddy told me everbody’s fly…”
Who is your favorite rap artist, or if you don’t like rap music, what about it do you dislike?

13. EAT TO THE BEAT : “Hey you gotta tummy ache, and I remember sitting in the bathroom drinking up a seltzer. Eat to the beat…”
When was the last time you had a tummy ache and what caused it?
Last week and I still don’t know what caused it! But I am better now so that is all that matters

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