The latest trend – WHOMP! Charmz

Have a bunch of silly bands? Want to make them a little bit more exciting?  Introducing WHOMP! Charmz!  The perfect addition to your wrist and silly bandz collection.

WHOMP! CHARMZ retail for about $5.99 and can be found where you would by Silly Bandz, at places like Claire’s, Toys R Us or Justice!

If you’d like to win a set – head on over to The Not So Blog and enter her giveaway! One lucky winner will be chosen on January 20th to win the set of their choice!

Sets include Pond Pals, Chomp Dogs, Sassy Kitties, Bleeps and Bots and my personal favorite: Manic Monkeys!

What first prompted you to blog?

Why did you create a blog?

I was worried that since I wasn’t doing much writing at my current job, I would forget how.  I toyed with a few topics but decided to “stick with what I knew” which was going to concerts. I try to give my overall experience and opinion on the topic and not just say what happened like you might see in the newspaper.  Mostly it was all for my own benefit and memories – I had been writing reviews of shows since my first concert in 1998, but kept them on my personal website and really no one ever read them. Now I have a bit of an audience, which keeps me in check a bit. (Some of my old reviews were thrown together sloppily, or years after the show!)

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