January 26, 2011

The Daily Post

If stranded on a desert island, and could only bring one music album with you, which would it be? What is it about this music that never gets old for you?

I’ll have to admit, this is a tough one.. and I’ve gone back and forth a couple of times and I am just going to make my decision and post now because I honestly could debate this all day long.  Assuming I could not make myself some sort of mixed cd – I am going to have to go with Hanson’s Middle of Nowhere.  Even though I generally wake up in the mood to listen to boybands more than I ever wake up in the mood to listen to Hanson… (probably because I realize their live shows are way better than listening to their albums will ever be lol) I just have to go with the orange CD that started it all.  Nearly 14 years and counting and the opening notes of this CD still make me just as happy as they did in May of 1997 when I first bought it.

(And I have 10,000+ songs in my iTunes so this really was a difficult decision, though the choice may seem obvious)

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