I have had some crazy stuff go down with ebay and paypal in the past few weeks.

First – I listed some items with a reserve. I wasn’t sure I wanted to sell them unless the price was right. I had a girl email me asking what the reserve was.  Well, if this was public knowledge, ebay would show you what the reserve was. I told her I’d rather not say and bid what she was willing to pay. (If the bid got high enough, I would have the option to sell the item to the high bidder)

Well, apparently she did not want to take no for an answer and she bid and bid and bid until she figured out what the reserve was. Then emailed me again saying.. I just wanted to see what the reserve was, I can’t pay that much.  So I had to delete her bids. I told her never to even think about bidding on another one of my auction’s again. (But unfortunately could not figure out how to “Black List” her from bidding on my auctions)

Once the auction ended, I was so fed up I didn’t offer the items to any of the bidders.  Instead I relisted it with “Buy It Now Or Best Offer”  The bid-happy girl emailed and said she could pay for them at the buy it now price and I told her please don’t bid, I did not want to deal with her. She begged and begged and I kept saying no.

Next thing I know, she did buy it now and sent an immediate payment. (Once again – should have figured out how to black list her before relisting the item!)  So the item is now off to her because I couldn’t cancel her bid once the auction had ended and *fingers crossed* it will get there ok.

THEN – earlier this month I had bought an item and paid with paypal.  What I apparently did not notice was that my address listed was not correct.  Today I checked to see it had been marked “delivered” but to my friend Erin’s parents house in Virginia!!!  I messaged her and she said that they had it and would try to send it.

I logged into my paypal account and went to remove the address so we’d not have a mix up like this again – but the only address in my account was MINE.  So I had to call up Paypal and a very nice girl saw that it was still in my account on their end and removed it for me so we won’t have this problem again.

Fortunately it was only a $3 item so if I don’t end up getting it, it is not the end of the world and at least I got this problem figured out before anything else went down to Virginia! LOL

I think it is time to take a bit of a break from ebay and paypal though after those two issues, pretty much back to back!

Today’s Daily Post is: If you had a time machine that oly let you spend one hour in a different time, what date would you go to?

Going with the post theme – I would go back to after this girl got bid happy and make sure I figured out how to add her to a list so that she could no longer bid on any of my items! LOL  (I’d say go back to when I paid for the item with the wrong address, but I might have never known this mystery address was in my account that way to get rid of it)

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