Last month I was finally able to get around to reading Apolo Ohno’s book – Zero Regrets – after I purchased it at one of his book signings.

The book tells a bit about his childhood and how he grew up raised only by his father.  It goes on about how he was a rebellious child/teen and his father tried to keep him busy doing all sorts of after school activities so he wouldn’t have time to get in trouble – but of course Apolo had no problem finding trouble!

I particularly enjoyed the story Apolo told about how his father brought them to his cottage and left him there until he decided what he wanted to do with his life and give 100% to it.  Did he want to swim? skate? stay in school? do something else?  You’ll have to find out what Apolo did and learned while he was at the cottage alone – and to find out how long he ended up staying there before coming to his decision and calling his dad to let him know (and have him come pick him up)

I had followed Apolo’s career since the 2002 Olympics, so I knew the outcomes of all the races that he had mentioned.  Apolo writing about them really brought me back to watching each of the games – I can remember in 2002 our TV died so we were forced to watch everything on this tiny 19″ screen in the living room. It was interesting to hear (or, read) his perspective of all the races.

I really hope that he competes again in the next winter olympics – but I will also understand if he decides to retire.  Hopefully, he will remain the most decorated Winter Olympian for a long while either way!

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